Quality Firewood

quality firewood

Here at Hotter logs we are fanatical about the quality of our wood (though, perhaps not to the same degree that Jesse Horne below is!).

We know the only way to get a really great fire that produces lots of heat – is to have great quality consistently dry wood. We know from experience that living in the UK it can be a real struggle to resource consistently dry wood. Even the best intentioned loggers are held subject to whims of mother nature.  This is where the beauty of force dried logs come in. Gone are the days of wet moss covered logs. The DLC promises to provide consistently perfect dry logs ready for burning.  

Our logs are hand sorted, graded and then bagged. We guarantee below 15% average moisture content, but aim to get each batch below 12%. This really does make a huge difference to the heat they produce. Not to mention the pleasure of seeing your fire take to flame. Why not give them a try?

chunky logs