Renewable Energy


The renewable energy uptake in the UK is increasing at a rapid pace. With huge public opinion calling for more sustainable energy there has never been a greater time for the homeowner to pursue re-directing their carbon footprint.

Our Kiln dried logs are dried on the Blackdown Hills along the Devon/Somerset border where we use recycled wood-chip in our boilers to power our Kilns.

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Moisture Content

The only way to guarantee consistent low moisture content in firewood is to force dry the logs, as we do – by kiln drying logs we control every stage of the process, measuring samples throughout the drying process until we reach the desired moisture content.

It is essential to burn only dry firewood in your appliance or on your fire this ensures a much higher heat output, less smoke and cleaner burn reducing less soot and tar in your chimney or flue.

The moisture content of logs sold as seasoned, vary wildly from species to species, season to season, seller to seller, we have seen everything from 22% at best – to over 50% at worst which effectively means some had not been seasoned at all! In fact it was for this very reason, where we struggled to find reliable sources of good value dry wood for our own use that was the catalyst to start the Hotter Logs business.

Hotter Logs are kiln dried to achieve a premium product of 8-12% average moisture content and we state that we achieve under 15% in all our literature. These levels of moisture content cannot be achieved naturally here in the UK.

Dry wood at 10% moisture content will give double the heat energy of freshly cut wood usually sits at 50%. 


Value For Money

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Nowadays it can be quite difficult to determine real value for money and this is particularly true when it comes to buying firewood, as there are so many variables in the equation.

You can buy a “load” of “seasoned” firewood for what appears to be a really good price. But what is the true volume of the load and how much of the load is water? We're already aware that its possible that up to half of the product could be just water! It's then we're led to ask just how much energy will it produce? That's not to mention the additional hidden costs such as repairs and upkeep.

With Hotter Logs, you can be confident in knowing exactly what you'll receive. We only sell in volume and keep it very simple; 1 cubic meter (or multiples of) or the smaller variants of ¼ or 1/2.  Each cubic meter is hand sorted, measured and loose filled into our bulk bags and it has been calculated that there is approximately 1,400kw of heat energy in every cubic meter of our Kiln dried hardwood. Is your current log supplier still able to convince you of the value of their logs?

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Little & Often

We are often asked; don’t dry logs burn too quickly? Well, they certainly burn quicker than the wet soggy logs we have all experienced, but they also produce a tremendous heat, which the soggy ones don’t. You therefore use less wood each time you refuel your fire, we recommend that you let you fire burn down to glowing embers then add another couple of logs. This technique is brilliantly economical and effective, working on less efficient burning appliances and modern stoves alike. With modern stoves and wood burners, controlling the airflow adds even more efficiency in controlling the burn, achieving maximum benefit from the energy within the wood.