Local logs business

Where It All Began..

With over 30 years experience in the timber trade and a real passion for renewable energy and the environment, The Dry Log Company was conceived.

We realised there was an opportunity to source and produce the best quality, dry wood fuel from logs to our customers throughout the country offering ecellent value heat energy.

Located in the rolling Devon Hills we are a small local business with family values at the heart of all we do. We are an efficient operation with national wholesale and retail capacity. We can provide for both domestic and commercial customers.


Logs for burning

What We Produce:

Typically newly cut wood with over 50% moisture content produces around 2.2KWh of heat per kilo, whereas wood with under 15% moisture content such as kiln dried logs can produce approximately 4.5KWh of heat per Kilo. As you can see force drying wood in preparation of burning easily doubles the heat output .

Our high energy logs are kiln dried to below an average of 15% moisture content. Guaranteeing a consistent and superior product. Our logs are suitable for wood-burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, open fires, chimineas, wood fired ovens and the list goes on. Why not see how they compare to your usual product.


Local Economy & The Environment:

Wood fuel that comes from sustainable managed woodlands and forests is a totally renewable resource, unlike burning fossil fuels. We carefully source wood from a variety of local suppliers who ensure sustainable management practices.

Low Carbon – The waste wood used to fuel our kilns and the end product you burn, produces CO2 which is absorbed by the trees grown in their place.

In addition to the environment, the purchasing and burning of wood fuel is supporting the rural economy, providing jobs and opportunities for diversification for local landowners and farmers.

local logs for sale
log burning stove

Value For Money:

We sell by volume only and not by “load” or by “weight”. You will know exactly what you are getting for your money. We are to consistently honest and upfront with all aspects of the business. We aim to lead by example setting a standard in the industry, where the consumer knows is exactly how much energy they are getting for their money.

We work on best value principles, ensuring our customers, suppliers and shareholders get best value and can share the benefits of our business.